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khr_undercover is a guess-the-writer challenge in the tradition of blind_go and subrosa_tennis. Writers submit fics which are then posted to the comm anonymously, and readers will try to guess who wrote which fic based on the author's writing style. Prizes will be awarded to the top guessers.

Round 4
- Author sign-ups will be open from 16 May 2011 through to June 10 2011, or until there are 50 authors signed up.
- Fics are due on or before July 17 2011.
- Fics will be posted on or before July 24 2011. Guessing will run for two weeks after fics are posted, and guessing results will be posted after the reveals.
- See the sign-up post for more details.

Who runs this:
This comm is moderated by umarekawareru.

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